Heidi Swank lives in District 16 and has for seven years. During this time, she has served her community as a professor at UNLV and a community leader in our downtown neighborhoods.

As an assistant professor in UNLV’s anthropology department, Heidi experienced firsthand the impact of our economic downturn on education and jobs. With her colleagues and students, Heidi faced reductions in funding that not only hurt Nevada's future, but also substantially impacted employee and student morale. So, when she became part of the downsizing of UNLV, she became determined to work directly in the legislature to find more effective ways to fund K-12 and higher education in Nevada.

In addition to her work at UNLV, Heidi has been actively involved in our downtown neighborhoods. She has served in various roles with her neighborhood association and is currently the neighborhood association president. She works with City Code Enforcement, the Las Vegas Planning Commission, Las Vegas City Council, and her neighbors on issues of importance in Beverly Green, Huntridge, Marycrest and surrounding neighborhoods.

Heidi also established and continues to build up the Flamingo Club, an internationally recognized local neighborhood outreach group. Started in 2006 and expanded over the years to include most of our historic neighborhoods in the center of Las Vegas, the group meets monthly at a different member's home. At these gatherings, neighbors get to know each other, foster a greater sense of community, and discuss issues of concern in the neighborhood. Last fall, the Flamingo Club drew worldwide attention when it was featured on the BBC World Service.

Heidi is married to Scott Swank. They live in the Beverly Green neighborhood near Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey and enjoy the company of their neighbors. They have two cats, collect mid-century furniture, and enjoy restoring their 1956 home.  Heidi is a tireless neighborhood advocate and will serve you well in Assembly District 16!