About Heidi

Heidi Swank has represented District 16 in the Nevada Legislature since 2012. A resident of Las Vegas for more than a decade, Heidi has served our community as a nonprofit leader, UNLV professor and community advocate in our older neighborhoods. She  tirelessly works to protect our neighborhoods, rebuild our infrastructure, and improve the quality of education in our state.

A former professor in UNLV’s anthropology department, Heidi first ran for office because of her passion for education and her determination  to find more effective ways to fund K-12 and higher education in our state. As a member of the Assembly Education Committee (policy)  and the Assembly Ways and Means Committee (funding), Heidi has had the opportunity to fight for a state budget that provides more money for critical education programs with a record of success, including early childhood education, full-day Kindergarten, programs to help at-risk students  and English language learners, as well as course offerings at our universities and community colleges that truly prepare students for the new jobs coming to Nevada.

In the legislature, Heidi has also become a voice for safeguarding our infrastructure. She has brought bills that work toward ensuring representativeness on statewide boards and commissions. And she is working to safeguard our state’s investment in our public buildings through continued maintenance and reinvestment in what are among our most expensive public expenditures.

Heidi also continues to work in our neighborhoods. With many of Las Vegas’ heritage communities in her district, Heidi works hard to find ways to safeguard these pieces of our past and is looking to legislation that would provide financial incentives for those living in older homes. This interest in heritage communities crosses over into her non-legislative life, where she currently serves as executive director of the Nevada Preservation Foundation. She has also served in various roles with her neighborhood association. She works with City Code Enforcement, the Las Vegas Planning Commission, Las Vegas City Council, Clark County Commission and her neighbors on issues of importance in Beverly Green, Huntridge, Paradise Palms and surrounding neighborhoods.

Heidi also established the Flamingo Club, an internationally recognized local neighborhood outreach group. Started in 2006 and expanded over the years to include most of our historic neighborhoods in the center of Las Vegas, the group meets monthly at a different member's home. At these gatherings, neighbors get to know each other, foster a greater sense of community, and discuss issues of concern in the neighborhood. The Flamingo Club drew worldwide attention when it was featured on the BBC World Service.

Heidi is married to Scott Swank. They live in the Beverly Green neighborhood near Las Vegas Boulevard and Oakey and enjoy the company of their neighbors. They have two cats, collect mid-century furniture, and enjoy restoring their 1956 home.